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Jef Boes has been interested in the United States since forever. In 2012, he captured the election battle between Romney and Obama. That same year, he collaborated on the documentary ‘Voices from Iowa’ in which ‘the average American’ tells his story. These two stories make up American Identities I. 

Four years later, Donald Trump took on the presidency. Jef went on a road trip through Trumpland to find out more about the Trump supporters. This resulted in American Identities II and the documentary ‘The Trump Climax’. 

This year, it has been exactly one year since Donald Trump became president of the USA. A lot has happened, and so Jef went out to see if the residents had changed their mind about electing him. 
The photographs of this trip make up American Identities III and the documentary goes 
by the name ‘The Good President’

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